Our purpose

We have a vision of a capital city where all children have the space, time and freedom to play.

Play is important. It is deemed so vital to children’s health, happiness and development that the right to play is enshrined in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

But play in London is under attack:

Space for play is threatened by encroaching development and traffic.

Freedom to play is stifled by distorted perceptions of risk, and fear.

Time for play is eaten up by homework, organised activities & screen-based entertainment.

Funding for play workers and play spaces is increasingly scarce.

London Play works to ensure children have the space, time and freedom to play.  We want every child in London to have high quality, free play opportunities, near to where they live. How do we do that?  Well, since you asked:


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We work with play providers…

…in the voluntary, community, statutory and private sectors, supporting their efforts to increase play opportunities for children in London’s 33 boroughs. For example our Play Works and Play Havens projects supporting adventure playgrounds.

We directly create more play opportunities for children…

…through funded projects, working with local play organisations or community bodies wherever possible. For example our Royal Parks outreach project, Camp Build and our Go Kart events.

We work alongside communities and children…

…to support their own responses to the need for play opportunities. For example our Play Street projects and work in schools.

We campaign to raise the profile of play…

…with politicians, decision makers, parents, schools and other individuals or organisations who influence children and young people’s lives – through the media, our publications and by contributing to policy-making structures. See here for our press releases and statements.

The right to play is the child’s first claim on the community. Play is nature’s training for life. No community can infringe that right without doing enduring harm to the minds and bodies of its citizens.

       David Lloyd George, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom


London Play strategic plan 2022-2025
Adventure play
Camp Build is a three-year project funded by the Mayor of London’s Young London Inspired Fund. 2021 will see the grand finale over 10 days in August.
Adventure play
OK, so WE KNOW that adventure playgrounds are worth their weight in gold. Our Play Works project (2015-20) supported play workers to make sure they had the evidence to convince potential funders of the same.
London Play Press Releases
As children return to school today after an enforced absence of more than two months, the sacrifices that they have made during the coronavirus pandemic are high on the public radar.


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