Play and the pandemic study launched


A national ‘observatory’ of children’s play experiences during Covid-19 is being led by academics at UCL and the University of Sheffield.

Nursery World


The research project, known as The Play Observatory, has been funded by the Economic and Social Research Council’s Covid-19 rapid response call, to research children’s play during this unique time in history.

An online survey was released, inviting children, young people and adults to share examples of their play.

Researchers at UCL Institute of Education; the University of Sheffield and UCL Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis, have been documenting the many ways that children are playing from the outset of the pandemic onwards: by themselves and with others; indoors and outdoors; with and without screens.

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Children and young people
In this briefing note, data collected in the last week of February 2021 is analysed to understand parents’ views about two important aspects of the return to school.
Past work
2021: The Play Street Carousel was a unique project that harnesses the power of play to strengthen bonds between neighbours, even as the pandemic kept us all apart.


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