The return to school and catch-up policies


Institute for Fiscal Studies, March 2021

In this briefing note, we analyse data collected in the last week of February 2021 to understand parents’ views about two important aspects of the return to school.  

On 8 March, all pupils in England will return to in-person schooling after what is hopefully the final period of COVID-related blanket school closures. This is an important first step in starting to undo some of the damage that the pandemic has inflicted on children’s education and well-being, and in starting to close the educational inequalities that have widened between those from disadvantaged and better-off backgrounds. However, simply reopening the school gates will not be enough on its own; addressing the consequences of the pandemic is set to be the most important challenge in education policy over the coming years.


Children and young people
This report, by the Child Poverty Action Group and the Joseph Rowntree Foundation looks at what  families need to provide a minimum socially acceptable standard of living for their children.
The return to school and catch-up policies

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