Concerns over long term impact of play deficit


Parents are worried that the loss of freedom to play during the pandemic could have a long term impact on their children, according to new research.

To understand the impact of the pandemic on children and how they play, Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity and Savanta ComRes polled 2,543 parents of children aged between five – 11 years old, from across the UK.

More than half of parents responding say play has boosted family bonds, but they raise the alarm about the loss of kids’ freedom.

More than half of UK parents (61%) say that the pandemic has gifted them more time to play with their children and the same proportion say it has helped boost family bonds, reveals a new ‘State of Play’ report released by Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity (GOSH Charity) today.

“One of the best ways to support children’s wellbeing is giving them the freedom to play. This is not only relevant in a hospital setting such as GOSH, but for all children as they look to cope with whatever challenges they face, including during a global pandemic.”

At a time when kids face huge levels of uncertainty, three-quarters (74%) of parents say that play has “helped their child cope” as the world around them has changed beyond recognition. But more than a year on from the start of the pandemic, parents say the loss of their kid’s freedom to play with friends and wider family is taking its toll, with two thirds (66%) voicing concern about the long term impact this will have on their child’s wellbeing.

More information and a link to the full report is here.

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