LEGO uncovers global play deficit


A new study has uncovered the scale of a global deficit in play, with a third of children across the world spending less time playing a week than most adults spend scrolling on their smartphones each day.

A recent global study for the LEGO Group has found that on average, children are spending just two per cent of their week (equivalent to 7 hours) playing, with one in three (32 per cent) spending less than three hours each week enjoying play. Comparatively, the average adult spends 26 hours a week scrolling on their smartphone, more than 3.5 hours per day. This current play deficit is a cause for concern for experts given the crucial role of play in shaping a child’s cognitive abilities, overall wellbeing and most importantly, in them having fun.

The study also highlighted that 70 per cent of parents are choosing to prioritise achievement-based activities for their child over free play because they believe that it will lead them to greater success in the future. The activities that adults are most often choosing over play include sports clubs, learning a language and tutoring.

In response the LEGO Group has announced the Play is Your Superpower campaign, aimed at addressing a global lack in play amongst children. Together with a global Play Squad of supporters, the LEGO Group is inspiring families to reprioritise playtime, emphasising its critical importance in childhood development and the role it has in bringing fun to families around the world.

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