Playful High Streets


PROJECT: Playful High Streets

CLIENT: Project Centre/Lewisham Council, Manor Gardens, City Hall

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London Play’s Play Street Showcase events bring to life the potential for traffic-dominated streets to become playful, interactive community spaces.

Our team of play specialists give local people young and old, shoppers and traders the opportunity to experience the street as a playable space, free of cars but full of fun, colour and meaningful community interaction. Using simple materials and inclusive, interactive games and activities, our events are a cost-effective way of occupying, animating and reimagining high street space.

“It was a great way to show residents and businesses the opportunities that additional pedestrianisation could bring to the high street and, by encouraging people to spend more time there, it gave us the opportunity to feed back to people about our plans for the future of the high street.”

Cllr Louise Krupski, Cabinet Member for Environment and Climate Action, Lewisham Council

“I would recommend London Play to any council looking for new opportunities to engage local communities, reduce road danger, enable more walking and cycling and deliver improvements in air quality.”

Will Norman, London Walking & Cycling Commissioner, City Hall/TfL

London Play’s team of DBS-checked play specialists brings everything needed for hours of community fun. Sample activities include:
• Spacehopper race zones
• Junk modelling and crafts
• Street games
• Inflatable volley ball
• Giant hopscotch
• No bouncy castles – just interactive fun!

The London Play team is also highly experienced in community consultation – naturally with a playful approach. We can engage with and collect the views of children and adults during the event.

To find out how London Play can help you and your team reimagine your high street, or bring a public space to life with play, call Catherine on 07445 770 131 or email


Playful High Streets flyer


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