Communities United for Play


PROJECT: Communities United for Play

FUNDER: Trust for London 

DATES: Two years, Nov 2022 – Oct 2024

This two year project sees London Play working alongside local play campaigners, supporting them to successfully challenge threats to local play spaces or services; and influence decisions relating to play. As we work and learn together we will co-develop an online campaign ‘toolbox’, which will be made freely available for future play activists, equipping them with the skills and resources to do the same. Read on to find out how you can be involved!

London Play receives regular requests for support from local groups and individuals keen to contest decisions which threaten the quality or quantity of play provision in their areas. We have supported numerous successful grassroots campaigns, but up until now have done so on an ad hoc basis. We are delighted to have received funding from Trust for London enabling us to work alongside activists engaged in live campaigns, to develop a campaign toolbox which will help empower more people to speak up for and protect all-important, everyday play in their local areas.

Communities United for Play will involve activist groups working alongside London Play to co-produce and an online campaign toolbox. The toolbox will include an action checklist, regularly updated guidance, ‘how to’ case studies, and other practical resources to empower  campaigners to successfully challenge decisions impacting on children’s play provision in their area. It may cover topics including how local government works; evidencing need; making the case for play; mapping local allies; involving children; finding funding and dealing with the media. However, the final content will be decided by the participating groups.

GET INVOLVED! Do you want help to campaign for better play in your area?

We are looking for would-be play activists to take part in this project. Is your local authority or housing association planning cuts to play facilities or services in your area? Are you dissatisfied with the quality or quantity of play provision near you? If so, we would love to hear from you!  We are recruiting groups to support and work alongside in challenging local decisions in 2023.

Benefits include:

  • Free skills development workshops
  • Access to expertise and lessons from successful play campaigners
  • Help to develop and produce campaign materials eg flyers, social media
  • Mutual support from other local play campaign groups
  • Tailored information, advice and guidance
  • A small budget for your group

Please contact asap to get involved.


London Play events
This free event will bring together seasoned campaigners for play with those just starting out on their journey to share tips, successes and challenges; and develop skills and knowledge to help them campaign with confidence.
London Play Press Releases
Two south London playgrounds have been jointly named ‘London’s Saddest Playground’ in a public vote. Bromley’s Crystal Palace Park and Leyton Square in Southwark were deemed the playgrounds ‘most in need of love’ on Valentine’s Day, earlier this month.
Play news
Children from a Hackney primary school have staged an after school protest in their fight for the right to play in a local park during break times.


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