July 2012: Another partnership during the same period was established with the Friends of Fortune Street Park in Islington where we supported the delivering of outdoor play opportunities in their local open space. The aim was utilise the natural elements of the open space, and through the use of low cost, simple everyday objects we wanted to provide a stimulating play environment for local children and young people. The teepee building was a great success and highlighted the simple enjoyments of creating something from nothing.




As additions to the well-established community groups our project is already supporting, the Friends of Fortune Street Park in Islington and Mudchute Farm in Tower Hamlets recently held a large community day to generate voluntary support for a more regular programme of play opportunities.

Tipis were the theme of day from London Play which were incredibly popular with the local children. A parent remarked: “This is so amazing, it’s exactly what children need more of these days.”

Evacuee play trove
25 June: Children in Tower Hamlets and across London have put aside their computer games and discovered first-hand the simple fun that their grandparents made for themselves, in a ground breaking project which has bridged the generational divide.
Evacuee play trove
First month and launch of London Play’s Evacuee Play Trove project! Tomorrow I’m meeting with our partners, Museum of London and the Half Moon theatre. I’m very excited about the prospect of interviewing 30 former evacuees. Listening to their fascinating stories bring to life their experiences during the evacuation and their war time play experience.