Time for a return to play on the street


London Play is calling on local authorities to restart play streets from July 4th.


Play streets involve residents on a street agreeing to temporarily but regularly close their road to through traffic, so that children can play outside while adult neighbours get to know one another in the safe and clean space.

Hundreds of play streets across the country have been suspended during the coronavirus lockdown. But as the government gives the green light for playgrounds to reopen, London Play believe that now is the appropriate time to open up additional public space for children and communities in the form of play streets.

Play streets will provide thousands of children who have suffered months of isolation with more space and opportunity to play outside. Adult neighbours, including those who are vulnerable, will also have the chance to connect with one another in the street space, or from the safety of their front gardens and doorsteps.

London Play is today writing an open letter to local authorities to outline the case for play streets and give leaders the additional confidence to reactivate them.

Read our open letter here

Download our Risk Benefit Guidance for Post Lockdown Play Streets here.

Past work
2021: The Play Street Carousel was a unique project that harnesses the power of play to strengthen bonds between neighbours, even as the pandemic kept us all apart.
Play news
A national ‘observatory’ of children’s play experiences during Covid-19 is being led by academics at UCL and the University of Sheffield.


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