Don’t infill our play spaces say protestors


Southwark residents marched on council offices last week to protest against proposed infill developments that they say will rob existing residents of space for play as well as natural light and recreation opportunities.

Photo: SaveKingstonEst Twitter

In the latest in its efforts to tackle the 15,000-strong waiting list for council homes, Southwark Council is proposing to develop eight new social rent homes on existing green space right next to Everett House on the Kingston Estate, Walworth. Residents say the development will block sunlight for Everett House, and take away the only space where children can easily play within view of their parents. Kingston Estate resident Jim Colfer, who has been organising the protests with fellow resident Peter Gamble told Southwark News:

“It’s ridiculous… Now they want to put our kids out of our sight to make up for the space they’re taking from us.”

The Kingston Estate proposal is one of several infill developments planned for Southwark housing estates which is facing opposition from local people. On Slippers Estate, which was granted planning permission last week, residents say the council had created a carpark on what was previously greenspace, allowing them to claim that the development replaced car parking. In July, construction began at Peckham Green despite passionate local opposition.

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