London Parade for Play


London Parade for Play

On the first ever International Day of Play

WHERE: Parliament Square, SW1P 3JX

WHEN: 4.30pm Tuesday 11 June 2024

DETAILS: Download detailed info here or overview below

Weeks after the UN declared 11 June as a new annual International Day of Play, London’s newly (re)elected mayor Sadiq Khan pledged in his Declaration of Office to ‘make London the best city in the world to grow up in’. The London Parade for Play will mark the first ever International Day of Play and remind the mayor and all our elected (or soon to be elected) decision makers that play is central to happy, healthy childhoods and a diverse, thriving city. Join us! Bring bells and whistles, costumes and colour, banners and streamers – or just yourself. We look forward to seeing central London come alive with children and play.

Event schedule:

4.30pm             Gather at Parliament Square near the Gandhi statue (west side of square)

5.00pm             Parade begins, heading up Whitehall towards Downing Street – children to lead chants

5.45pm              Parade returns to Parliament Square – children to speak, make play trails

7.00pm              Groups leave square

7.30pm              Square clear

Although our politicians are ‘otherwise occupied’ right now, we will be inviting the press and it will be a great opportunity for the public, politicians and decision makers to see children in all their noisy, playful, colourful and creative energy occupying and animating public space at the epicentre of political power in London and the UK.


Children taking the lead

We want children to take the lead in this event as much as possible. We hope that they will lead the chants on the parade and speak in the square at the end of the parade.

Chants: Please get children to think about some chants for the route. Some examples we thought of to get the ideas flowing (if only to tell us that these are LAME!)

“We are children – we need play!” “What do we want? PLAY! When do we want it? EVERY DAY”

Speeches: Please also ask children if they would be prepared to speak to the crowd for a few minutes, perhaps on one of the following topics:

  • How can Sadiq Khan make good on his promise to make London the best city in the world to grow up in?
  • Why do you think it’s important to play?
  • What is your best memory of play in London
  • What can adults do to make London the best city in the world for children

Download detailed information about the event here. Read our Manifesto for a Playful London here.

Current work
This two year project sees London Play working alongside local play campaigners, supporting them to successfully challenge threats to local play spaces or services; and influence decisions relating to play.
London Play in the news
The Guardian has shone a spotlight on one of the campaigns London Play is supporting through the Communities United for Play initiative: in Lewisham,  parents and children are angry that developers have firstly taken over the only playground in the area, and then failed to reopen it as promised.


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