Formula Fun #LetsDoLondon


Celebrate London’s great re-opening with FREE go kart excitement
On YOUR doorstep, 21 August – 04 September 2021

There is a big shiny light at the end of this loooong dark tunnel we’ve all been in. Is that…? Could it be… ? Fun in the sun?

Yes! London is re-opening and we’ve got an amazing FREE offer to help you and the children in your life celebrate your new freedoms to gather, laugh and play together. We are inviting you to join the biggest and best build and race go kart event that the capital has ever seen, as part of the Mayor’s Let’s Do London campaign and the re-opening of our great capital this summer.

Even better, the action is right outside your own front door! We will come to your street, estate, adventure playground or local play space with all the materials, tools and decorations you need to build and decorate your very own go kart. Plus, our dedicated two-person kart crew to guide and support.

Once the kart is complete, your team can take turns putting it through its paces. We will film and record your best time over a standard 50m course and you will go up against the 19 other groups doing the same in their neighbourhoods.

What’s the catch? There isn’t one! All we need from you is:

1. A bunch of enthusiastic kids (with a crew of adult cheerleaders)
Teams of up to 8 children with parents, carers or playworkers – and as many interested bystanders as you can muster. The children will lead but duties for those not directly involved in building and racing will include offering constructive feedback from the sidelines, enthusiastic cheering and of course plenty of tea drinking and chatting 😊

2. A publicly accessible, outdoor space to work in, ideally in (or not far outside) Zone 1.
You will need an area to work in and space to race – ideally around 50m of clear paved area to run the time trial. This could be a closed street (play street) or a MUGA area, or a paved area in a park. If you are not sure, ask; we can make this work in all sorts of surprising locations!

3. A nominated day, between 21 August and 4 September
We will run 20 build and race events between and including Saturday 21 August and Saturday 4 September. Each event will last around four hours. Give us more than one option for your preferred dates for the best chance of getting included.

Every participating child will get a free take home and play gift box. This awesome opportunity is limited to 20 groups and preference will be given to those located centrally – Zone 1 or just outside it.  So get in quick! Email by 23 July to register your interest.

These events are funded by the Mayor of London as part of the £6m Let’s Do London campaign to encourage Londoners and visitors back into central London. All brakes off for a #SummerofPlay!

@ Email us to register your interest
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