Together A-Kart 2021


We are making sure that London kids don’t miss out on the chance to build and race go karts this summer. Our whatever-happens-with-covid friendly ‘Together A-Kart’ format has been tried and tested to great success in 2020 as this film shows!

Where: At an adventure playground near you
When: Tuesday 27Thursday 29 July 2021

The London Play team will be visiting three adventure playgrounds over three days, with two teams at each site given a pile of wood, wheels and some metal bits along with a few tools – and four hours to build a go kart from scratch. Then, they will race!

There are thrills, spills and a ridiculous amount of fun – so get in touch to let us know if your adventure playground is up for it.

We are very grateful for the generous sponsorship of the Henry Surtees Foundation in making this event possible. See you out there!

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London Play has joined academics and other play campaigners in calling on the government to support 'a summer of play' to help children recover from the stress of lockdown and a year of Covid upheaval.


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