Car Free Day


Bring back lockdown! (but only the best bits, of course)

Open your street for play, and come together with your neighbours on Car Free Day this September to celebrate freedom and togetherness.

Where? On your street!
When:  Sunday 19 September 2021

Over the last difficult year, many have come to see the streets where they live through new eyes. The importance of good relationships with neighbours, safe and clean local spaces and the benefits of less traffic have become very apparent.

Car Free Day is a great opportunity to celebrate the silver linings of the pandemic. Run a trial play street, launch a new regular play street, add a special extra date to your existing play street; or just have a street party. However you choose to make it happen, just seize the day and see how that space outside your door can come alive with community spirit when the cars stop for a while.

We can help! Get in touch to find out how to make it happen in your borough.


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Visit our dedicated play streets site for inspiration, information and all the resources you need to try a play street on Car Free Day