Playtime Pilot (2016)


Funder: The Mercers Company

Time in the playground is as important as time in the classroom. Kids who are given the chance to run, jump and play freely during the school day concentrate better and achieve more. Peer relationships are stronger and behaviour is improved. This project aimed to make sure that everyone understands this.

This year long pilot project saw London Play working with teachers and families to develop their understanding of the importance of play.

Working with four schools in Enfield and Waltham Forest, we delivered training and resources to help teachers and lunchtime supervisors develop an understanding of the importance of play for children’s physical, mental and social development – and subsequently, happier, healthier and more productive adulthoods. A written resource pack was developed for families and schools, outlining the benefits of play and containing practical ideas about how to encourage and support children’s play both during school break times and outside school – in homes and communities.

The project also contributed to participating schools’ progress in attaining Healthy Schools London awards.

This pilot aimed to lay the foundations for a rollout across London that will raise awareness among schools, families and communities about play’s essential role in promoting children’s health and wellbeing.

Our ultimate aim is that playtime will become recognised as of equal importance to classroom time in the school day and beyond it.

Thanks to investment from The Mercers’ Company, schools participated in this project free of charge.

Taking nature to the streets
Summer 2012: we started to work together with Mudchute City Farm based in Tower Hamlets to support both volunteering and play on their vast outdoor site. During their large inter-generational community event themed around traditional street play and the 1940’s we delivered a variety of activities using loose objects from our Play in a Box
Dora explorers
Children in White City and Bethnal Green have embarked on an exciting exploration together to travel 100 years into the past to experience life during World War One. We have become…. DORA Explorers! (No, not the small Spanish kind... Explorers of World War One and the Defence of the Realm Act, aka DORA.)


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