Play streets


Play streets happen when neighbours agree to regularly open their street (for play and community) and close it (to through traffic). Simple… but magic; just watch this film:

Would you like your street to come alive with play?

The good news is that now in most London boroughs, starting a play street is fairly easy. Councils have a simple application process; and their growing popularity means your neighbours are likely to be supportive.

We can help! London Play has been putting play back on the capital’s streets since 2008.  We have worked in nearly every borough in London and even have a separate, dedicated London Play Streets website with all the inspiration, information and resources you need. So what are you waiting for? Jump through the wormhole, below.

Current work
2021: The Play Street Carousel is a unique project that harnesses the power of play to strengthen bonds between neighbours, even as the pandemic keeps us all apart.
London Play Press Releases
From Monday 14 September, it will be illegal in England, unless at school or work, for someone to meet more than five other people at a time. What does this mean for play streets?


Visit our dedicated site for inspiration, information and all the resources you need to start your own play street - or just to find out more.