Formula Fun (2021)


PROJECT: Formula Fun

FUNDER: Mayor of London/Greater London Authority

DATES: August-September 2021

London Play’s Formula Fun fortnight ran between 21 August and 5 September 2021, bringing colour, action and joy to central London neighbourhoods where residents had just begun to emerge following months of restrictions imposed to manage the coronavirus pandemic. It was part of the Mayor’s Let’s Do London  campaign,  designed to attract visitors back to London to aid the recovery of the hospitality, culture and retail sectors.

With the support and encouragement of London Play’s mobile kart crew, hundreds of children, some of whom had never before even held a screwdriver, turned piles of wood and wheels into exquisitely engineered and lavishly decorated go karts. They were works of both speed and beauty. The spectacle of children proudly and noisily parading their creations through the streets and past some of London’s most iconic landmarks, brought people out to celebrate not only their achievements but also the hope of a return to life-as-we-knew-it, pre-covid, in our great capital.

My favourite thing? Drilling and building the go kart. And sanding, I really like it. Also driving the go kart and pushing it. It’s all been really fun in fact!

Project participant

I am really proud of them and of our neighbourhood.

Local councillor

Adventure play
Summer 2020: Following the first lockdown, adventure playgrounds were forced to open only to limited numbers of children. Open access adventure play became a thing of the past. Neighbourhood Play Havens supported adventure playgrounds to open to vulnerable and other excluded children and families.
London Play Press Releases
A fortnight of ‘Formula Fun’ go kart building excitement will kick off in The Regent’s Park this weekend, where the charity London Play is staging the first in a series of pop-up events for children across central London this summer.


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