Car Free Day


World Car Free Day in September 2023 will be the perfect opportunity to swap your car for a spacehopper and try out a play street on your road.

London Play is offering advice, support (and free spacehoppers!) to London residents applying to try out a play street on Car Free Day. In most boroughs this will mean agreeing with your neighbours and applying to your local council using a street party application process. A play street is much more chilled than a street party – simple offers children and adults the space and permission to occupy it and see what happens.

On Car Free Day 2019 over 380 streets across London were open for play – and closed to traffic –  creating more than 400,000 sqm of instant play space!

The first 100 to apply through us get free spacehoppers (or other equipment to get the fun started) and we have free resources to help people plan, consult and promote their events. One lucky street will also win an on-street go kart building workshop on the day.

The process varies from borough to borough but will involve consulting your neighbours and applying to the council well in advance of the day (at least six weeks in most cases). So get started now – click here to get in touch and find out more. Or scroll down to click through to our dedicated London Play Streets website for all the inspiration, information and downloadable tools and resources you need.

Let’s turn the streets into playgrounds this Car Free Day!

Past work
2021: The Play Street Carousel was a unique project that harnesses the power of play to strengthen bonds between neighbours, even as the pandemic kept us all apart.
London Play Press Releases
From Monday 14 September, it will be illegal in England, unless at school or work, for someone to meet more than five other people at a time. What does this mean for play streets?


Visit our dedicated site for inspiration, information and all the resources you need to trial your own play street on Car Free Day - or any day.